We Came As Romans

The thing you hear most often about metalcore outfit We Came as Romans is how entertaining their live shows can be. The true measure of a band, they'll tell you ... is the fact that the guys can all pull this pummeling music off live and make it sound like it does on the record -- while diving off amps, spinning off risers and headbanging like the dickens. So for the band's 'Broken Statues' video, We Came as Romans decided that they were gonna do it live.

"We're doing a regular music video, too," for the album's title track, "but we wanted to do a live video, too, because a lot of the thing about our band is, the show we put on live, and we do a lot of coordinated choreography, and we wanted people to kind of see that and say, 'Man, these guys look cool. We should check 'em out,'" explains frontman Dave Stephens of the track off of their new LP, 'To Plant a Seed.' "The song leaked before the rest of the album, and it wasn't really planned for that to happen or for the song to become as big as it did. So because it came out early and people have had it for so long, it's become a fan favorite. So, we decided to do a live shoot for that song."

Essentially, the clip, which Noisecreep is proud to premiere for you, is a commercial for the band's live show, which fans can catch in February and March when We Came As Romans takes off for a tour with Alesana and the Skylit Drive. Stephens says the band also shot a live video for 'Roads That Don't End and Views That Never Cease' during the same show, which went down back in November at The Seven Venue in Douglasville, Ga.

While you may think that the video was shot on multiple cameras, or that the band simply played 'Broken Statues' over and over until directors Sons of Nero captured the footage they would need, you'd be wrong. Only one camera was used, and the band played the track just once. The directors also shot part of their pre-show sound check and incorporated other footage shot during the concert to make the video come to life.

Stephens has a favorite part of the clip, to. It comes at around the 2:24 mark. "Right before the last breakdown in the song -- it's this really epic-sounding breakdown with lots of cellos and orchestration, and right before it -- [bassist Andy Glass] takes his bass above his head and slams it down right as we go into the breakdown. It really added to the effect of it."

This spring, We Came as Romans plan to be spending a lot of time on the road. They don't know just what they'll be doing, as they're still fielding a number of "exciting" offers. Stephens says he just can't believe he's in a band and able to tour full-time.

"It's indescribable," he says. "It's awesome to be doing something I'm so passionate about and something I've dreamt about my whole life, and doing it as a career. It's just awesome. I wouldn't trade it for anything."

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