Killer Lyrics: "My lungs have set fires / It's the call to the warrior / Here I stand / I will hold my ground / So get up off the ground"

Affiance vocalist Dennis Tvrdik and the band understandably place a lot of value on lyrics -- so much so that they stationed 'Call to the Warrior' as the first track on their new CD, 'No Secret Revealed.' "This is the first actual song on the album because we felt it was an introduction to what Affiance is all about," Tvrdik told Noisecreep. "It's like our anthem, our mission statement."

The Cleveland melodic metalcore band used the struggle of forming the band as a source for lyrical content. "The song was written when we were without a drummer and we needed the motivation to keep going," Tvrdik explained further.

"We had given up so much to follow our dreams and we knew that we had to take it to the next level," Tvrdik said, "and despite tremendous amounts of adversity, we needed to 'get up off the ground!.' The song is written both about us as Affiance and to our fans in whatever it is that they are passionate about: don't give up."

Affiance will tour with Memphis May Fire in December to support the release of 'No Secret Revealed.'