New 'American Idol' judge Steven Tyler popped by Howard Stern's SiriusXM radio show this morning and dished about how things are going with his 'other' gig in Aerosmith.

Stern exalted Tyler, calling him the "American Mick Jagger," and then launched into the hardline questioning he's known for. There were no softballs here, with Stern flat out asking Tyler why he is doing 'American Idol' when he could be out rocking with Aerosmith, which is what he is best known for.

Tyler did say that he loves his bandmates, but that they "kicked him" when he was down and he even made reference to the interpersonal relationships within Aerosmith as a marriage. Tyler also said that he communicates with guitarist Joe Perry, who has been vocal about his disdain for Tyler's choice to judge on 'American Idol,' via text, since he doesn't pick up his phone.

He revealed that the band will be rehearsing soon and that they will write new music; Tyler also mentioned he would leave 'Idol' if it jeopardized his position in the band. Perry did go on the record saying that the band was going to continue with or without Tyler. Tyler did insinuate that Perry is also MIA.

Drama! Let's hope it makes for one of the best Aerosmith albums ever!

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