The influential, long-running Germans in Sodom know what longevity means, having formed in 1981 and continuously putting out records without going on hiatus or temporarily breaking up. The artwork for their latest offering, 'In War and Pieces,' continues the war theme that is seen on their older albums -- probably as a result of vocalist and bassist Tom Angelripper's direction.

"Tom had a very clear vision of what he wanted, and most of what ended up on the front cover was based directly on his notes," artist Eliran Kantor, who created the cover, told Noisecreep. "The main input I had was the way the logo and title were integrated into the story, and the look of Knarrenheinz (their mascot)."

Kantor, who also did Atheist's 'Jupiter' album art, continued, "The first couple of drafts I did were closer to his look on the older records, but Tom asked me to try and give it my own interpretation. So the gas mask you see on the final version is somewhat of a mix between modern day riot police headgear and S-and-M leather masks."

Kantor mentioned that he had received a lot of positive feedback from fans about the artwork, asking if prints would be available. In response, Kantor released the art as a limited run on museum-grade, fine-art paper in its original size, which was nearly double the dimensions of a vinyl cover.

Sodom will be touring Europe for most of February to support 'In War and Pieces.'

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