In late April, Acheron architect Vincent Crowley announced he was laying the band to rest after a final gangbuster tour in which Acheron would play their first album, 1991's 'Rites of the Black Mass,' in its entirety. The onslaught was to begin at the Central Illinois Metalfest on July 23, but following some complications putting a lineup together, Crowley had thrown in the crimson towel.

"After a 22 year run, I am finally putting Acheron to an end," he said. "It has been an interesting journey, but it is indeed over now. There is no turning back this time. This musical entity has run its course and I didn't want to tarnish what Acheron represented."

Crowley said he is pleased that he was able to keep Acheron going strong for over 20 years, and that the band's last act of defiance was last year's 'The Final Conflict: The Last Days of God,' which he considered a fitting farewell. "It was a really good way to end it," he told Noisecreep. "But now I need to move on and do something else."

Currently, Crowley is putting together a new band, Crimson Heroin, which will have similarities with Acheron, but which won't limit itself to to death metal and black metal styles. "There are a lot of restrictions that come with being lumped in with one subgenre of music," he said. "Having said that, I will always remain be a thorn in the side to that which is holy."

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