Compared to pop singer Cheryl Lloyd, who dodged a bottle of urine during her performance at England's V Festival, Staind frontman Aaron Lewis had an easy weekend. Appearing with his band at Edgefest VIII in Little Rock, Arkansas, all he had to contend with was flying mud, though he wasn't exactly grateful for the relatively innocuous choice of projectile.

"You in the baseball hat right there, with the fucking long hair that's hiding his face, I see you lump up one more mudball and throw it at the fucking stage, I'm gonna have every motherfucker around you kick the fucking shit out of you," Lewis said, calling out one fan for his childish behavior, reports. "Yeah, you right there. Fuckin' moron."

Did the mud chucker knock it off? Evidently, since the headline of this story isn't, "Staind Singer Incites Fan Beat-Down at Arkansas Festival."

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