Noisecreep literally interrupted A Skylit Drive while they worked on a new album for Fearless, due out in early 2011. The band was only in the studio for a week, with Miller gearing up to track guitars in the beautiful, sunny confines of Santa Ana, Calif.

"The power went out a few times, so that was scary but luckily for us, the dude recording it presses save every once in a while, or we'd have lost everything we did that day, if we were left in charge," Miller told Noisecreep.

Working alongside producer Cameron Webb has made the experience even more pleasurable for A Skylit Drive, as well. Miller said, "It is going awesome, since we've never done any pre-production -- going over the songs and really writing the songs with someone. We wrote our versions before we got here, and it's cool to have someone else listen in on them since we get lost in writing so many songs. So having another ear suggest things has been cool. We have spent a lot of time on this, more so than on previous albums. It was always write, record, 'see ya later.' And that was that. So we are putting a lot more time and everything into this."

The record is currently untitled, with some heavier energy infused into the process. "I would not say that it's all around heavier, but it has more heavy parts and the energy is there," Miller said. "That's the way I feel about it. We are bringing more energy and a lot more fun parts, things like that."

It also helps make the process fun and inspired, since the members of A Skylit Drive are all BFFs. "We all have been hanging out like best buds every day so it is a fun process," Miller said. "A cool part about our band, and we're lucky we're like this, is that we are good friends. We help each other out. Everyone wants everyone to be involved. No matter what instrument is being tracked, everyone is here in the studio, giving their input."

A Skylit Drive will wrap recording and then hit the road in November as part of the Average Guys With Exceptional Hair Tour. Exceptional hair? Hmm, that has to be a product of flat irons, good styling and lots of product. "I am not going to be modest ... my hair rules," Miller said about why his hair is exceptional and apt for this tour. "It is pretty red, so that's cool."

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