When it comes to groove-based, depressive sludge metal, no one does it better than Los Angeles vets 16. Since 1992, the combo has issued the kind of records that pill-poppers and Sabbath acolytes go absolutely mental for. Noisecreep saw 16 play a warehouse show in Oakland, Calif. in the mid-'90s and it still stands as one of our favorite shows, ever.

16 just released Deep Cuts From Dark Clouds, the group's sixth studio album. The cover artwork (seen below) was created by Orion Landau (Red Fang, Rwake) and the band recorded the album with longtime engineer Jeff Forrest at Double Time Studios in San Diego and then had Pig Destroyer's Scott Hull master it at Visceral Sound Studios.

Noisecreep is obviously a huge fan of 16, so we're honored to bring you the exclusive premiere of their video for "Her Little Accident." Before you check out the video below, we must warn you, the clip has a really screwed up ending. But then again, we wouldn't expect anything less from these dudes.

Watch 16's "Her Little Accident" Video

16 guitarist Bobby Ferry gave Noisecreep some background on the new video:

"A new video from 16 usually means a fellow bitter soul uploaded a live clip six months after we played a song that happens to be over fifteen years old. That's OK depending on how you see things, but thankfully it is not the case this time. The official video for our song "Her Little Accident" was produced by our buddy Tyson Montrucchio (Brutal Truth, Cattle Decapitation) who provided the direction, storyboard, vision, and most importantly the working camera equipment.

In keeping with our typical behavior, we stood where we were told, drank his beer, and played with his dog all the while he magically coalesced a video into existence. It is worth noting that the decrepit barn location of the video shoot was raided by the DEA a few weeks earlier for being massive illegal marijuana grow. Thank goodness the power still worked so that the air guitar nonsense was kept to the bare minimum."

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Check out 16's official Facebook page for more info on the band and make sure you pick up the band's Deep Cuts From Dark Clouds album at this link!