It's time for a much-needed dose of black metal. Norwegian blasphemers 1349 released their sixth studio album, 'Massive Cauldron of Chaos,' a few weeks ago, but how much do you really know about the release? In this exclusive clip, bassist Seidemann gives a track-by-track breakdown of the album.

Since they started off 17 years ago, 1349 have risen up to become one of modern black metal's most revered acts. 'Massive Cauldron of Chaos' has received a positive reception from both fans and critics, much like the majority of 1349's discography.

This video explains eight 'Massive Cauldron of Chaos' cuts, not including the bonus tracks 'Untitled' and 1349's cover of 'The Heretic' by Possessed.

"It’s 1349 at our best," Seidemann recently told Metal Blast about 'Massive Cauldron of Chaos.' "We have taken everything from before, refined it and built it up; we took all the influences we could and put them together. We’ve always felt that if we can’t do a better album than our previous one, then we shouldn’t release a new one at all. This is why it has taken us four years, which is quite a lot of time, to get this done, but we’ve been touring, writing, and selecting the right material for it. Massive Cauldron of Chaos represents where we want to go now, we didn’t want to just do a new 'Demonoir,' since we always want to move up, and get better."

Check out the exclusive premiere of 1349's 'Massive Cauldron of Chaos' track-by-track breakdown above. To grab a copy of the album, click here. The band is also set to tour Europe beginning Nov. 12 in Germany. For the full list of dates, click here.

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