1349 are pumping the black metal brakes on their latest, 'Demonoir,' due out on Prosthetic Records on April 27. "'Demonoir' is an incredibly dense album," drummer Frost, who has been with the band for a decade and who is perhaps best known for his other gig behind the kit in Satyricon, told Noiscreep. "We truly challenged ourselves when making and recording this piece of music. A core principle was to make the five intense songs on the album become alive, bursting with force and conquering, relentless brutality."

We wouldn't expect anything less from these dastardly, corpse-paint slathered black metal rabble rousers. Frost continued, "The title track was meant to feel more like a dark, uncanny world conveyed through a black metal song. The tunnels bind everything together and strengthen the sense of totality and the weird, dark atmospheres of the album. By and large, 'Demonoir' sounds more intense, twisted, merciless and darker than anything 1349 have done up till now. You might say it's more of everything."

Less isn't more! More is more with 1349. 'Demonoir' is the band's first release for Prosthetic Records, their new label home. They made the label sweepstakes switch for simple reasons, with Frost saying, "Our contract with Candlelight expired after 'Revelations.' Prosthetic came up with the most convincing offer when we were negotiating the contract for the release of 'Demonoir' in the U.S."