Five Finger Death Punch may have pulled off the guest turn of the year when they landed the "Metal God" himself, Rob Halford, to appear on their latest single 'Lift Me Up.' In the band's latest track-by-track webisode, the group shares their thoughts on what it mean to have Halford sing with them and they also tell all about the title track on their latest effort, 'The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell.'

In the clip, posted above, frontman Ivan Moody says, "I grew up just listening to him. The guy's an icon for music just in general." Moody relays the story of how Halford came to perform on the track and the surprise when he actually turned up at their studio to record.

"Growing up I listened to 'Screaming for Vengeance,' and 'Point of Entry' and now to be in a band now and having Rob Halford doing a song with us," added FFDP bassist Chris Kael. "It's one of those things you would have never ever have imagined. I mean, you would imagine it, but you would have never expected it to come true."

Kael and guitarist Zoltan Bathory both marveled at what it was like to be on the same stage performing with Halford at the Revolver Golden Gods ceremony earlier this year, while drummer Jeremy Spencer says it was an amazing journey to see something that started with his driving beat end up a full-fledged track with Halford on it.

The band also addressed the title track for their new album, with Moody stating that it was a different kind of song for the group that hit on everything from religion to politics. Spencer added that the song was also one of his favorites and brought "a refreshing change in our sound."

Both songs will be part of 'The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Volume 1,' which arrives in stores July 30. The disc is currently available for pre-order via iTunes and at Amazon. The second volume of songs is expected this fall.