Huntress will be rocking the Mayhem Festival this summer and thanks to the fans they won't have to worry as much about the touring costs associated with the run. The band joined the growing number of acts who've turned to crowd funding to aid in reaching a financial goal. In their case, the band launched an Indiegogo campaign that they dubbed the 'Virtual Yard Sale' and managed to raise over $15,000 so that they could offset the high costs of traveling the country this year.

Huntress raised the money so that they would be able to share a bus with Battlecross as both bands played the Mayhem festival this summer. They stated that with no crew or merch person extra, the cost for five bunks on a bus alone was $18,500 and the insurance costs over $3,000.

With a day still left, the band has met and surpassed their goal. Vocalist Jill Janus told Skull Fracturing magazine, "What has been most rewarding for me is truly getting to connect with our fans … I’ve found a new respect for the power of the music enthusiast. There is a stigma that goes along with crowd funding, we were very careful in the presentation — we kept our humility. We aren’t pretending to be more than we are, we’ve had some amazing opportunities handed to us. But Huntress is still in the infant stages of this business … The fans are lifting us to the next level. Napalm Records has been tremendous for Huntress, but they are an indie label and I can’t bleed them dry. The fans are my blood, there’s no end to the life they supply. I adore them. I live for them.”

So far, fans have helped sell out such bigger ticket items as Janus' red cloak and sword from the 'Eight of Swords' video, a signed Jackson guitar and the microphone that Janus used on tour during support of their 'Spell Eater' album. However, with one day left, fans could still bid upon Blake's custom 1979 Vandura, which is going for $15,000, the chance to have Huntress record any song ever for $1,000 and a Mayhem experience that includes a song dedication, a Donkey Kong Jr. tournament, a water balloon fight and more for $500. There are also a number of lesser-priced items still available for purchase as well. Visit the band's Indiegogo campaign here.