Yngwie Malmsteen has long held a place among guitar royalty. He is widely credited for bringing some culture to metal through the influence of classical mavens such as Bach and Paganini, and is one of the most highly-regarded artists among his fellow guitar superstars. And now the Swedish guitar master is preparing to share his playing style with his fans. He will be taking part in a Master Class tour through Australia courtesy of Thump Music.

The tour will include four two-hour shows. The master class tour will take place in December, with the first class taking place on Dec. 9 in Brisbane. Thump Music said of the Master Classes: “Witness two hours of Yngwie’s jaw-dropping wizardry and six-string dexterity, which will challenge your mind and help you achieve your musical dreams.” Yngwie joins a list of other guitar virtuosos who have done Master Classes through Thump Music, such as Steve Vai and Joe Satriani among others.

Instructing guitar players on how to shred is nothing new to Malmsteen. He has his own line of instructional guitar videos, and those looking to learn from the master of classical metal can join his website for access. Malmsteen covers a host of topics, from pentatonic scales and arpeggios, to pedal notes and picking techniques.

Malmsteen has kept busy lately. Last year he released his 19th studio album, ‘Spellbound,’ on which he played all of the instruments. He also wrote and published his memoir earlier this year, titled ‘Relentless.’ Both his new album and memoir are on shelves now.

To see the tour dates for the Australian Thump Music Master Class tour, check out Thump Music’s website.