The folks at Sharpie are honoring Swedish guitar maestro Yngwie Malmsteen in a unique way.

The legendary shredder will have with his own line of personalized Sharpies (seen below). Sharpie president Ben J. Gadbois copped to being a massive fan of the guitarist, saying, "I have followed Yngwie since high school and am a huge fan. It was fantastic to meet one of the greatest guitar players of all time and talk about music and several of our common interests. It was also an honor to present Yngwie with his own personalized Sharpies."

Gadbois finished, "It means a lot that he chooses our markers to sign autographs. He's definitely made an indelible mark on music, and in some small way, we hope Sharpie has helped him make a lasting impressions with his fans." As long as Yngwie is signing paper or album covers and not, you know, boobies, the Sharpie autographs are bound to leave that lasting impression that Gadbois so desires.