It’s the crossover you didn’t know you deserved. We got WWE Superstar Aleister Black to drop by Paul Booth’s Last Rites studio to talk metal and get a demonic portrait inked on his leg.

WWE fans know Aleister Black is a product of darkness. The tattooed wrestler has long shown his love for extreme metal and underground culture, even calling himself “the black metal of professional wrestling.” Black even reveals during this tattoo session that he based his entrance on Watain’s live show.

“I gave them the live set of Watain. The fire and the candles and stuff like that, they saw and they mimicked on the entrance. I asked for a few more things, but obviously that didn’t fly. [Laughs] I’m gonna let you guess what that was.”

Black also gets into the creation of his character, which was based on an old English poem. “When Lucifer was cast out of heaven, did he vow to take revenge on God’s creation? Did he vow to take revenge on his father? Did he create hell and all it’s demons? Did he vow to destroy and tempt man into destruction and into the eternal fires of hell? I believe he did, but I believe the first thing he did was cry, because he was just a son trying to get his father’s love. I found that such an interesting take on such a tragic character, because Aleister Black, to an extent, is the Devil. I feel like that moment from when he went from complete sadness to complete anger — that little split second is exactly where I based Aleister Black on.”

Aleister also gained some knowledge from Paul Booth, asking the legendary tattoo artist about how he developed his signature black and grey style, tattoo culture seeping into the mainstream, inking the Undertaker’s arm and more.

Watch Aleister Black get tattooed by Paul Booth in the video above. You can watch Aleister Black Monday nights on WWE Raw. To check out Paul Booth’s Last Rites tattoo studio, click here.

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