's David Coverdale is one of the guests on tonight's episode of 'That Metal Show' on VH1 Classic. Among other topics, the singer discusses the resurgent popularity of the band's '80s hairspray smash 'Here I Go Again' thanks to its appearance in the boxing film 'The Fighter.'

Coverdale said he read the script for 'The Fighter' before he gave permission for the song to be used in the movie. "I [didn't] know how good it [was] going to be," he said. "But to see Christian Bale, 'Batman' singing your tune, are you kidding! It was amazing, very uplifting and inspiring. I thought the movie was great."

Co-host Eddie Trunk, the fount of all metal knowledge, also brings up the fact that 'Here I Go Again' is a remake of one of Coverdale's older songs from 1982. "Yes, I wrote the song in Portugal documenting the breakdown of my first marriage... And now it's like this huge rock anthem wherever it's played," Coverdale said. "Everybody has a different 'Here I Go Again' story, and fortunately, the majority of them are positive."

Lita Ford is also a featured guest on this week's 'That Metal Show.' The program airs tonight at 11 p.m. EST.

Watch a clip of Coverdale on 'That Metal Show'

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