Tommy Aldridge, Whitesnake Reunion: Drummer Rejoins Group
Once a snake, always a snake?
It looks like that's the case for Tommy Aldridge, who announced he is rejoining Whitesnake after Brian Tichy left the group earlier this month.
This will be the third time Aldridge is back in the group, and he couldn't be more than excited to play aga…
Frontiers Records: How An Italian Rock Fan Built an Indie Empire
With artists like Whitesnake, Journey, Dokken and Yes on its roster, Frontiers Records is the finest record label in the worlds of classic rock, melodic rock and AOR, going right now.
The Italian company was founded in 1996 by a music fan named Serafino Perugino and in the last few years, the label h…
Things That Are Metal: Aqua Net
No beauty product is more important to the world of metal than hairspray, specifically Aqua Net. In fact, Aqua Net may be responsible for an entire genre of metal. We're talking about hair metal of course. And if you didn't have high hair in 1986...
Fake Whitesnake Drummer Cons Elderly Man Out of Thousands
Scott Travis may not be an honest man, but he is clever. When the English conman tried to pass himself off as a rock musician, he didn't claim to be some superstar lead singer. That might have gotten him caught. Instead, the Daily Mail reports, he told relatives he'd written songs and play…

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