Deathcore stalwarts Whitechapel are celebrating a decade of bringing their trademark brand of heavy. Four of five of their records have been released on one of metal's most premiere labels, Metal Blade. The band has also enjoyed a massively successful career, spending a lot of time on the road around the world. We've heard about all the fun and debauchery that comes from touring, but the band has taken the effort to tell the other side of the sobering reality of the touring industry that isn't as glamorous in the mini-documentary, Untold.

After spending 2015 playing with some of metal's most celebrated acts like Slayer, King Diamond and Suicide Silence, Whitechapel have documented their collective experience. They took part in the annual Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival over the summer, which is one of the more unique events stateside. A touring festival is a unique experience and the sextet spent the tour in front of camera crews offstage to offer insight to what the road can really be like.

The trailer, seen above, is set in a rather dramatic light, but it works well to convey the tone of Untold. Members of the band discuss how to work through relationships as touring can put serious strains on close friendships and see those close enough to be considered brothers turn on each other. Living with five other bandmates for long stretches on the road has taught Whitechapel how to overcome differences or arguments that will inevitably happen.

Whitechapel have just entered Audio Hammer studios with producer Mark Lewis to record their sixth studio effort. Guitarist Alex Wade stated, "Beginning this week, we have started tracking our sixth full-length studio album. It has been a long road over the last 10 years to get to this point and we are excited to show you the next progression of Whitechapel." The album will follow-up the success of 2014's Our Endless War, which debuted at No. 10 on the Billboard charts, an especially impressive charting given the extremity of the band's sound.

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