We're typing slower than usual today, thanks to a little skateboarding accident we were involved in yesterday. Today, it feels like we were caught in a Hatebreed moshpit for ten hours. We were coasting down 8th Avenue on our longboard when a delivery truck cut us off and slammed on its brakes. Smacked into the back of the truck, and now, our right index finger feels like it's broken. Sweet. Let's get right to it, and we'll start with news on Hatebreed and your crack at 15 minutes of fame. White Noise ... can you hear it?

+ Wanna be in a Hatebreed music video? Well, if you're going to be anywhere near Hartford, Ct. tomorrow morning, you should head to the city's Webster Theatre (it used to be an adult theater at one point, by the way), where the New Haven hardcore heroes will be shooting a video for their forthcoming album. According to a press release, "the video will include tons of fan participation and Hatebreed needs your help in making this the most brutal Hatebreed video ever!" The shoot starts at 8 a.m. ET and runs all day, and fans are asked not to wear bright white T-shirts, to not bring bags into the venue, and flash photography is prohibited. Food and drink will be provided, and there will be giveaways throughout the day.

+ Congratulations to Noisecreep scribe Jon Wiederhorn. He recently sold a book he's writing with Katherine Turman to HarperCollins Publishers. 'Louder Than Hell: The Unflinching Oral History of Metal' will be in stores in 2011. The book will include quotes from over 100 artists, including members of Black Sabbath, Slayer, Metallica, Mastodon, Slipknot and more.

+ According to TMZ.com, former Guns N' Roses members Slash and Steven Adler have both been granted a restraining order against the same woman. Adler claims a woman from Oregon hired at least three private investigators to hunt him down "under the ruse" they were long lost lovers, who met in rehab back in the early '90s. According to court papers, police officers visited the woman at her home last month and found "unopened boxes of houseware items which [the woman] stated [were] wedding presents for [her and Adler's] upcoming marriage." Slash, too, filed papers against the woman, who has contacted him and his family members by phone and letter in a desperate attempt to get in touch with Adler.

+ Lamb of God, Gwar and Job For a Cowboy will team up for a U.S. tour this fall; the dates for the trek fall on "off days" during Lamb of God's tour with Metallica. Only a handful of dates have been booked so far, with more to be announced in the coming weeks. The tour hits Providence, R.I., on September 21; Oklahoma City, Okla., on September 25; Fargo, N.D., on October 10; and Milwaukee, Wis. on November 6.

+ Judas Priest will film their August 17 concert in Hollywood, Flo. for a future DVD release. The footage will be included in a forthcoming expanded 30th anniversary edition of their 1980 classic, 'British Steel.'

+ So, Slayer guitarist Kerry King has a problem with Killswitch Engage. During a recent interview, King admitted he tried to kick Killswitch off of one of Slayer's tours once, but "we actually didn't get to. I tried. Because I'd never seen 'em live, and then I saw them live at some, I don't know, maybe at Kerrang! Awards over in Europe. And I'm just offended by the silliness that goes on on-stage [on the part of] the guitar player [Adam Dutkiewicz]. He puts his foot in his mouth all the time and he says stupid sh--, and I just didn't think that side show should be on my stage. So I pulled the plug on the spot, but on that particular Jägermeister tour, we didn't have any product and they did, so Jäger kind of insisted, and I went ... They're all friends of mine, so I said, 'OK, I'll deal with it.' Still don't like it."

+ Trigger the Bloodshed has parted ways with drummer Max Blunos, replacing his with Aborted's Dan Wilding. According to the band, "Max has felt he has not been fulfilling the genre of music he wanted to pursue with a band. Although he has enjoyed every moment with Trigger, he just felt his heart was not in the music and has gone on to fill this void playing and creating music in a genre he is more passionate about."

+ Arsis have titled their upcoming LP 'Starve For The Devil.' That disc will be released early next year.

+ Trivium will be hitting the road with Whitechapel, Darkest Hour and Dirge Within for the Into the Mouth of Hell We Tour, which kicks off September 11 on Long Island, N.Y. and runs through October 11 in Asheville, N.C.

+ Sky Eats Airplane have parted ways with singer Jerry Roush. In a statement, the band says that they "hate to see him go, but our creative differences make this the best option for everyone. We are still on good terms and wish Jerry good luck with whatever he chooses to do." If you want to try out for the open slot, email the band.

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