Check your sources. It's one of those rules you abide by when you're a journalist, charged with dispensing information for mass consumption. Anyone can regurgitate false information, but taking that extra step to ensure such information is accurate ... that's what we journalists do. A long time ago, we learned the hard way never to cite U.K. tabloid the Daily Star as a legitimate news source. Any newspaper that includes a topless centerfold is no bastion of reliability. Which is why we didn't believe this cockamamie piece about Marilyn Manson and Black Dahlia Murder having a beef. Turns out we were right not to trust the Star's reportage, because the story's apparently fake. Still, we can't help but bring you this false news item, and see what you think. Is it obvious this story's erroneous, or could you see how other Web sites might fall for such a ruse? It leads this morning's White Noise.

+ So, the Daily Star reported this week that Marilyn Manson threatened to rape Black Dahlia Murder frontman Trevor Strnad during an altercation that went down at a meet-and-greet last week in Florida. The paper claims Manson overheard Strnad joking that the shock rocker is a 'freak show.' The Star claims Manson was greatly offended by the comment, and "threatened to 'rape' Strnad's face, before taking a swing at him. Fortunately, security managed to get sensitive Manson out before he did himself a mischief." The story has since been proven true, but we knew that the second we read this story. "Did himself a mischief?" That should have been the first clue the story was fake.

+ Slash was in court Monday, where a judge was to decide the fate of a suit the Velvet Revolver rocker and his wife have brought to try and recover more than $500,000 they claim they lost in a transaction involving a Hollywood Hills home. The judge says he is leaning towards leaving the matter in the hands of a jury to determine whether the couple deserves punitive damages from a real estate agent. The judge has yet to rule on the matter, and is taking time to further consider the issue before making a final ruling.

+ Alice in Chains have been tapped to headline 99.5 KISS FM's 'Bone Bash' in San Antonio, Texas on Oct. 22. Halestorm, Earshot, Chevelle and Puddle of Mudd will also be on the bill.

+ Wanna see the artwork for Converge's long-awaited new studio album, 'Axe to Fall,' before it hits stores Oct. 20? Lambgoat has the cover, and has additional details on the disc, including the names of the LP's 13 tracks, such as 'Reap What You Sow,' 'Worms Will Feed' and 'Slave Driver.'

+ Suicide Silence will be playing a hometown gig Aug. 30 in Santa Ana, Calif., and that show will be filmed for a future DVD release. The gig will be the band's first hometown show since the release of their album, 'No Time to Bleed.'

+ Our favorite Canadian import, Devin Townsend, will soon release 'Addicted,' the second in a series of albums he hopes to write and record before year's end. Townsend says the tunes are "very much in line with my back catalogue," and compares the record to 1997's 'Ocean Machine' and 2000's 'Physicist.' The disc will feature 11 songs, including 'Universe In A Ball,' 'Bend It Like Bender!' and 'Numbered.'

+ Flyleaf will release their new album, 'Memento Mori,' on Oct. 27. Songs that'll appear on the disc include 'Arise,' 'Beautiful Bride' and 'Set Apart This Dream.'

+ Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi tells the Aquarian Weekly he will soon have surgery on his hand, "and that's sort of a major thing I need to get done, and I've been putting it off now. The cartilage is gone from the thumb in my fingering hand. It's been like that now, to be honest, for a year and I've been taking anti-inflammatories and all sorts of stuff to try and calm it down, but it's inevitable I've got to have the operation, because the bone is rubbing on the bone."

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