It's Tuesday, and the rain is coming down hard here in New York. After cruising the Interwebs all morning, looking outside at what's undoubtedly going to be a dreary day, we're feeling bad for ESPN's Erin Andrews. By now, you've heard there's a video making the rounds, of her getting undressed in her hotel room, and we're not above taking advantage of the search traffic. Unlike other personalities and celebs who've had sex tapes or nude photos released online against their wishes, Andrews is an unwitting victim. She did not know that she was being taped, because the footage was obtained illegally, through a peephole. While Erin's rather scrumptious, we don't think you should download this video. It's creepy, and a ton of these videos have viruses attached to them, so be warned. Anyways, its sort of a slow news day, but we've rounded up all the top stories from the last 24 hours, so you don't have to. It's White Noise, keeping you informed.

+ Animated metallers Dethklok, the stars of Adult Swim's 'Metalocalypse,' will release their second album, 'The Dethalbum II,' on September 8. According to a press release, the set will feature 12 tracks, tackling topics like "murder, mayhem and all things brutal." Some of the songs that made the final cut include 'Burn the Earth,' 'Black Fire Upon Us,' and 'I Tamper with the Evidence at the Murder Site of Odin.'

+ Progressive Swedish melodic metalheads Scar Symmetry will issue a new LP, called 'Dark Matter Dimensions,' in October. The disc doesn't feature Christian Älvestam, who left the band last year citing "business and creative differences and lack of interpersonal chemistry." In his place are growler Roberth Karlsson and clean vocalist Lars Palmqvist.

+ Through the Eyes of the Dead have entered a New York recording studio to begin tracking their next, self-produced effort. The disc will hit stores early next year, and will be mixed by Erik Rutan. The band will be taking a break from the studio to play four shows, set for August 11 in Manchester, N.H.; August 12 in Hartford, Ct.; August 13 in Vineland, N.J.; and August 14 in Peekskill, N.Y.

+ So, it seems Deep Purple will soon start working on the followup to 2005's 'Rapture of the Deep.' According to a recent interview with frontman Ian Gillan, the band has been talking about releasing a new album, and "I think we'll start to work on it next February. We go into the studio with absolutely nothing, no music or lyrics whatsoever. We sit in the kitchen, having some cup of tea, talk about families and football ... Then we go into the room and play; six hours a day. After three days, some ideas begin to shape and we start to turn them into songs."

+ You can hear a new Shadows Fall song, 'King of Nothing,' over on the band's MySpace page. The track features guest vocals from Lamb of God's Randy Blythe.

+ Finnish folk metal band Finntroll will begin working on their next record on Monday. According to keyboardist Henri 'Trollhorn' Sorvali, "I personally think this will be our best album ever. Overall I can sense there's a lot 'punk' on it, lots of weirdness, a load of riffs instead of chord progressions, quite a bit of folkish parts and a lurking, evil atmosphere. In terms of 'heaviness,' it's probably the heaviest album we've done, at least judging from the song material."

+ Want to download a free Clutch song? 'Metroliner Special' is now available for download. The tune in question does not appear on the band's new disc, 'Strange Cousins From The West.'

+ Horse the Band will release its new disc, 'Desperate Living,' on October 6. The record features guest appearances by Xiu Xiu's Jamie Stewart, rapper K-SLAX, and The Number 12 Looks Like You's Jon Karel. It boasts 12 songs, including 'The Failure Of All Things,' 'Between The Trees' and 'Lord Gold Wand of Unyielding.'

+ As Cities Burn are finished. The band formed back in 2002, and they blamed their wives for the split. "Our lives and our wives have called us in different directions. Thanks to anyone who has come out to a show, had words to say, or bought a CD to help us fill the tank."

+ Epica, Daath and Blackguard will be touring together next year. The trek kicks off January 26 in West Springfield, Va., and runs through February 28 in Atlanta.

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