Can you believe its already July? It doesn't feel like July at all. Perhaps that's because we've only had three summer-esque days here in New York since late March. And today, of course, we kick off the month with more clouds. We're hoping the sun breaks through at some point, even though we'll be stuck indoors all day, bringing you all the latest metal news. Today's White Noise is loaded with tour dates, album title revelations, and drummer injuries. We also have a response from Every Time I Die on the departure of their longtime kitman. Let's start with that, shall we?

+ Yesterday, we told you about Mike "Ratboy" Novak's decision to leave Every Time I Die, following 11 years with the band. Now, the band has responded to Novak's statement with their own. The statement puts the band's current mood at "blissful," and confirms they're now looking for a new drummer. "To be honest, it was something we have seen coming for some time now, but were uncertain as to exactly when or how it was going to happen because, as everyone who has ever met him knows, his communication skills leave much to be desired," the band said about Novak.

"That being said, he simply didn't feel the need to talk to us about any problem he was having or discomfort he was experiencing with any situation in particular. For the past year, it has felt like we were playing with a drum machine or a pre-recorded backing track. He completely shut off communication with us, contributing only to the band when onstage and opting to take no part in any social activity while on tour or to be present for the filming of our upcoming DVD. Whatever his reasons were, he simply was not a part of us anymore mentally or emotionally."

What's next for ETID? They need a drummer, and that person "is going to be more hungry and more intense and bring a renewed energy to the stage, not simply be able learn the songs and repeat them for a half-hour every night. Someone that doesn't take being in a band for granted and wants to destroy everyone and everything sonically. Someone that can appreciate the amazing people we surround ourselves with and the opportunities we've been given. With our new record on the verge of blowing the Earth a huge gaping a--hole, we couldn't be happier that our insecurities and personal conflicts are in the past."

+ The television show "Bones" must have a metalhead amongst its team of writers. Last season, Mötley Crüe appeared in an episode about metal, during which investigators look into the murder of a black metal musician whose skeleton was being used as a stage prop by a rival black metal band. Now it seems Ozzy Osbourne's right-hand man Zakk Wylde will be on a future episode, or so says the man himself via his Twitter account.

+ Head to Alice In Chains' Web site, and you can download their new song, "A Looking In View." The song is taken from the band's upcoming new album 'Black Gives Way To Blue,' which will be in stores September 29. In addition, AIC have booked several live dates, the first set for July 18 in Detroit, Mich. After that, they'll spend a few weeks in Europe, and return August 22 for a gig in Pomona, Calif.. More dates are booked through September 28 in San Francisco.

+ The Black Dahlia Murder have set 'Deflorate' as the title to their new album, which hits store September 15.

+ Clutch will be teaming up with Wino and Revolution Mother this fall for a string of North American dates. The first is set for September 9 in Pittsburgh, Pa. and shows are scheduled through October 10 in New York City.

+ All That Remains drummer Jason Costa will have to sit out the band's stint on this summer's "Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival," reports Apparently, Costa broke his hand last week, forcing the band to call on Tony Laureano (Dimmu Borgir, Nile) to take over behind the kit.

+ We happen to love the band Carnal Forge. Hence, the fact that the band entered a studio yesterday to start tracking vocals for their forthcoming album has us smiling. Unfortunately, the record isn't expected to surface until early next year.

+ Gwar's Oderus Urungus wrestled internationally-known grappler Tracy Smothers on June 24 in Charleston, W.V., and apparently won the match. "It wasn't too hard...I just grabbed his neck, and choked," he said in a press release. "His eyeballs popped out of his skull. End of story."

+ And the award for best album title in a long time is Cleveland's own Keelhaul. The band is back after six years of dormancy with 'Keelhaul's Triumphant Return to Obscurity.' The disc drops August 18 via Hydra Head Records.

+ The first two installments in Candiria's oft-delayed, four-volume collection of rarities and remixes have been scheduled for release on September 9. Titled 'Toying With The Insanities,' the set boasts remixes from the likes of Dalek, Dub Trio, Ghosts of the Canal, Kayo Dot, and members of Dillinger Escape Plan, Fishbone, and Peeping Tom.

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