There are a lot of bands doing the "whole album on a tour" thing, and its kind of awesome. You've got bands like Mastodon playing their new one, 'Crack the Skye,' from back to front on their current tour, and this summer, Mötley Crüe will be doing the same for their 1989 masterpiece, "Dr. Feelgood." But what about Aerosmith? There have been rumors the band will be treating fans to their 1975 LP 'Toys in the Attic' on this summer's tour with ZZ Top. And we've got more on that for you on this fine Thursday morning, along with album notes, band illnesses, and "kinda" firings. It's White Noise... news you need.

+ Our friends over at Spinner scored an exclusive sit-down with Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry recently, and he says the Beantown band's been hearing all the buzz about their upcoming tour, which they've yet to even rehearse for, and playing an entire disc is something they'd be down for.

"We've always wanted to do a show where we played an album all the way from beginning to end," he explains. "We play a lot of songs, but to hear an album from top to bottom, it's a lot of fun. We'll probably try it this time out." But, do tell, Joe... which album will you be bringing to amphitheater stages this summer? Perry claims the band hasn't decided yet, and that their options are open. "Anything from the first album to [1989's] 'Pump' would probably be fair game." We're there, so long as the band can promise an Alicia Silverstone-in-a-school-uniform cameo.

+ The lads in Every Time I Die are said to be holed up in an Anaheim, California recording studio, and are hard at work on their next record with producer Steve Evetts. The disc is being eyes for a fall release through Epitaph. According to frontman Keith Buckley, he's "really surprised at how it came out. I did not know that we had it in us to be this fast and heavy anymore. You listen to a lot of bands and you can pinpoint the exact time that the dudes decided they were too old for it and started going through the motions. We are not going through the motions on this record at all, it is a legit punk record."

+ Wanna learn how to play drums with Shadows Fall's Jason Bittner, or bass with Joe Satriani right-hand man Stu Hamm? Well, here's your chance. The guys will be hosting a series of master classes next month. For a schedule of classes, check out TheDrumPad.

+ Illness has forced death metal act Obscura to pull out of the remaining dates on the Relapse Contamination Tour, which wraps May 10; the tour also features Graves of Valor, Brutal Truth, and Hero Destroyed. Singer and guitarist Steffen Kummerer seems to have lost his voice, "and can barely speak. At this juncture, it's best for me to rest rather than deliver anything less than exceptional performances. For all the cities we'll miss, we'll be back in the winter to make up these dates."

+ So, Manowar's one of those bands you've just got to love. And during a recent interview, it seems guitarist Ross "The Boss" Friedman spilled the real reason for his 1988 departure. "I was kinda fired. [Manowar ringleader] Joey [DeMaio] wanted to just say that I wanted to play blues music. But this is not the truth." Friedman says DeMaio felt the band would be better sans Friedman.

+ New music alert! Canadian metallers Starring Janet Leigh have posted a new tune, called "Mistress." The track appears on the band's upcoming LP, "Spectrum," which hits stores May 12.

+ The Red Chord is working with former guitarist Jonny Fay on their next studio offering. Look for the disc to be ready in time for release this fall. In the meantime, you can get a sense of what to expect from drummer Brad Fickeisen on the disc here.

+ Early Man and CKY will be touring together next month. The first date of the North American run is basically the sole stateside date (June 14 in Portland, Maine), with the rest scheduled for the Great White North. Lambgoat has a full list of those dates.