Ghost have managed to build a staggering cult following with their pop-inflected rock 'n' roll hymns for the Devil. What better vehicle for that message than hard-driving rock could there be? As the Swedish clergy have demonstrated in the video above, they can excel in the acoustic environment as well!

The mysterious sect made an April 22 appearance for the radio statio Q 95.5 KLAQ in El Paso, Texas performing a stripped-down version of some of their hits as well as hits from others. We already posted their performance of "Jigolo Har Megiddo." Here, the focus is Ghost's cover of Roky Erickson's "If You Have Ghosts," which the group puts a delightful spin on. Papa Emeritus III muses, "Another Friday in El Paso. Yeah, today you actually have Ghosts here. Are you ready?" while the Nameless Ghouls alongside him gently strum away on two acoustic guitars and one clean-toned electric guitar.

Introducing the song, Papa's honey-throated voice leads the way, steering the emotion of the track as the band gently rocks back and forth between whimsical moments and blood-pumping crescendos. The frontman is sports a more regal look, abandoning his iconic papal robes in favor of sunglasses and style. Upon the song's conclusion, he yells "Olay!" and thanks the crowd, noting they "smell great" and "look good from what I can see through my one eye."

Ghost are currently on tour supporting 2015's Meliora and a list of tour dates can be found at our 2016 Guide to Hard Rock + Metal Tours. In addition to regular tour stops, the Swedes will be performing at a number of festivals, which can be viewed here.

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