Warrant, the '80s band best known for its mega-hit 'Cherry Pie,' is back with a new record. Dubbed 'Rockaholic,' the album features new vocalist Robert Mason and is due out May 17th.

"Robert has never received the notoriety he deserved and I don't think this band has received it [either]," Warrant bassist Jerry Dixon recently told Noisecreep. "We've always been under the shadow of what we've done and who has been in the band... We're still here. We're still making records. It's good and positive for everyone in the band."

While former singer-songwriter Jani Lane has been in, out, back in, and now permanently out of Warrant over the past few years, the remaining members never faltered in their desire to write, tour, and earn a living as musicians. With the addition of Mason, the band got a shot in the arm and eventually a record deal with Frontiers.

"The main thing we like about [Frontiers] is their enthusiasm and vision to revive the album careers of bands like Warrant and Whitesnake and the [other] bands of our genre," says Dixon. "We would scratch our heads and ask, 'Well, why can't we make records? Maybe we won't sell eight million copies, but we might sell 100,000.'"

For Warrant, the addition of Mason is a bit like being a new band that's starting from scratch. The writing process was different from years past, which meant completing 'Rockaholic' on time and on budget. The process also included the added challenge of bandmembers living in different cities.

"I want to say it was fun and easy, but it was difficult," laughs Dixon, recalling the 'Rockaholic' writing sessions. "I guess the main reason is that Robert lives in Phoenix and I live in Los Angeles. There was that road block of not being able to sit together more often to hash out ideas. If I had an idea, I would send it to Robert via the Internet and sometimes he would sing it at his house and send it back to me. It was trip because I was not used to doing that, but I think we got to know each other's style." When it came time to actually record the new songs, the guys in Warrant did it the old-fashioned way: all together in a studio.

Warrant are currently on tour, with many shows scheduled in America this summer.

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