Warbringer spent the winter writing their next "thrashterpiece" and the band finally entered the studio yesterday to record the disc with producer Steve Evetts, whose resume is littered with bands like Hatebreed, Snapcase, Sepultura and Dillinger Escape Plan.

"Our goal with this record is to make something beyond a run-of-the-mill metal CD," guitarist John Laux said about the band's goals for the as-yet untitled disc, which will be the band's third. "The most difficult challenge is always finding just the right balance between a raw, aggressive sound and modern production standards. We chose Evetts to produce, aside from his extensive resume, because he aims for very organic and bold sounds. His experience in bringing the best out from a wide variety from musicians across different genres of music can be seen in his credits and this speaks for itself."

Warbringer's 'Waking Into Nightmares,' which they supported relentlessly with a ton of touring, came out in 2009. The new album is the first to feature drummer Carlos Cruz, who offered a lot of input into the new material.

"Musically and thematically I feel confident that this will be respected as our most mature offering to date," Laux also said. "I am really proud of all the elements of extreme metal we have been able to incorporate into the songs. There is weight and purpose behind the lyrics and most importantly we have had time to put a lot of thought and care into the music."

Check out the band thrashing the night away in this practice session clip! Noisecreep loves their beat up, thoroughly metal practice spot.

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