"We're finishing all the tracks for 'Necropolis' in Hertz Studio now, then everything goes to Tue Madsen in Denmark," Vader vocalist, guitarist and founding member Peter Wiwczarek told Noisecreep about his Polish death metal band's new album, which will be their first volley for new label Nuclear Blast. "We can expect the whole new record to be done at the end of May. We've prepared nine songs and two additional covers for 'Necropolis.'"

Wiwczarek also told Noisecreep that new drummer Paul Jaroszewicz was playing a "bit too fast on all the blast parts!" While we question how drumming on a Vader album could ever be too fast, since the band's music, by nature, is furious, feral and ultra-fast, Wiwczarek also revealed that 'Necropolis' sounds "more like Vader on the first album, with a touch of hyper blast beats from the other side. There is even one song which reminds me of the very beginning of the group. Not too many Vader fans know how the band sounded before 1987, when we started to play more aggressive and fast."

He said the song 'When the Sun Drowns in Dark" fits the dark atmosphere of the record. But "all in all, Vader is still Vader: heavy, fast and convincing. And the stage is still our best weapon."

Having a new and dedicated lineup only helps cement Vader's status as an untouchable live act. Welcome to the new empire of Vader! You've been warned.

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