One of the misconceptions about Underoath's new album 'Ø (Disambiguation)' is that vocalist Spencer Chamberlain didn't sing all the vocals, simply because he hadn't done so on previous albums. But it's a new album and a new chapter for the band, with Chamberlain covering it all -- especially the clean vocals, which were handled by now-departed drummer Aaron Gillespie. Chamberlain is happy the vocal duties reside all under one roof, so to speak.

"I sang all the vocal tracks, [guitarist and background vocalist Tim McTague] didn't sing at all on the album," Chamberlain told Noisecreep. "When we're playing live, Tim helps. Tim sang stuff on the old songs that overlap. But as far as the new record goes, I do all the vocals, which was fun and new for us as a band."

He continued, "It's now one singer doing it all -- like most bands -- and I took a lot of extra time to get melodies I wanted and I could have it all in place. It was fun but a lot of work. I was singing past dinner time every day for a month and a half." The results, though, have been nothing short of fantastic for Underoath.

To keep his voice in tip-top shape, Chamberlain continued his work with famed vocal coach Melissa Cross, with whom he has worked for five years. "I go to her once a year, and every year, I hit a full step higher on the scale," Chamberlain said. "Before every show, I do a 20-minute warm up. On past tours when Aaron went home or got sick, I had to fill in and do his parts, and now I am doing more and I have built up a stamina for it."

Underoath are currently on tour with Thursday and plan to spend 2011 "touring nonstop," Chamberlain revealed.

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