Alright Mind Crawlers, get ready for a new album by Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats. The proto-metal stoner cult will unleash Wasteland on Oct. 12, promising psychedelic anthems with plenty of melody and harmonies.

Uncle Acid broke out in 2011 with their sophomore album, Blood Lust. Having recruited more followers with 2013’s Mind Control and 2015’s The Night Creeper, the British act are ready for their next phase.

"There's not enough melody or harmony in new music for my liking," says frontman Kevin Starrs. "I wanted to go even further with all of that this time, and really force it down people's throats! It's important to me that someone keeps it going, especially in heavy music. I always write to my own tastes, so as long as it appeals to me, I don't really think about it. But I would say that it's all been an instinctive progression."

"We recorded the basic tracks the way we always do — everyone in one room, live and straight to tape. Playing in the same room where so many classic albums were made definitely inspired us. Even small things like running the guitars through the same echo chamber that Van Halen used in the '70s, it all added to the overall experience."

If you’re into weird concepts (we know you are), then the story revolving around Wasteland will leave your brain buzzing. “The album is set in a land where people live in walled cities, under heavy surveillance, cut off and in fear of one another,” Starrs explains. “All their thoughts, knowledge and memories have been wiped clean, leaving them like the living dead, barely functioning and addicted to the glow of flickering propaganda screens. In the underworld, there are program discs for the brain that can replace stolen thoughts and allow people to finally think for themselves. It gives them knowledge to escape the misery of the cities and to reach the freedom of the outer wastelands, but the wasteland, of course, is total hell on earth. The general idea seemed quite fitting with all the propaganda and misinformation that we’ve been bombarded with in recent years.”

We’re sold. Check out the album’s track listing and artwork below. Uncle Acid currently have just one North American gig planned for 2018, landing at California’s Desert Days Festival on the weekend of Oct. 12.

Rise Above
Rise Above

Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, 'Wasteland' Track Listing:

1. I See Through You
2. Shockwave City
3. No Return
4. Blood Runner
5. Stranger Tonight
6. Wasteland
7. Bedouin
8. Exodus

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