For the better part of 4 decades, Dee Snider has been the unofficial spokesperson for heavy metal. Whether it's fronting the multi-platinum selling pack of misfits known as Twisted Sister, hosting syndicated radio shows that champion up and coming metal bands, or fighting for the genre in front of senate committees in the 1980s, Snider has always represented the music with an unflinching passion and fervor.

In a recent conversation with Noisecreep, the legendary frontman revealed that though he's always flying the flag for heavy metal, that doesn't mean he's limiting his listening habits to it. "The last few years I've fallen in love with My Chemical Romance," said Snider. "People think metal lyrics are so down and depressing but they should check out MCR. Their stuff is dark and if you listen to 'The Black Parade,' that entire record is about death."

When we asked what other newer bands he was listening to, Snider complained, "There are some really kick ass groups out there but they lose me when they start with all of the screaming. Don't get me wrong, I think it works but a lot of times it just feels forced. I keep on wishing there was a little more melody in there," admitted the Twisted Sister singer. "I'm always searching for new music and my kids help keep me up to date." Noisecreep told Snider that the revelation that he was a My Chemical Romance fan would take some of his fans for a loop and he brashly cut us off, "What do people expect? I still love metal and I don't care what anyone says. Great music is great music."

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