Twisted Sister drummer A.J. Pero will serve as the national spokesperson for Fallen Blue, a non-profit organization created to provide emotional and financial support to families of police officers killed outside the line of duty. Pero was chosen for this post since he has dedicated much of his time to helping the less fortunate via his charity efforts.

"I am honored to be a part of this family, this vital organization," Pero said in a statement. "I will help out 150 percent, so we can achieve our goals. Our goals are to help the families of these brave men and women who die outside the line of duty."

Pero explained the intrinsic and necessary value of Fallen Blue, saying, "When a police officer is killed outside the line of duty -- whether accidentally or by their own hand due to job related stress -- they don't receive the benefits. Some families can't even afford to have a funeral, never mind future bills.

"I've experienced that years ago when a friend on the job, stressed out and emotionally fried, shot himself. Our neighborhood stood together to help the wife and children. We had benefits and cookouts to raise money, but it just wasn't enough. This organization can and will become vital nationwide if we all recognize this is a reality and pull together our resources for all law enforcement officers. Even though there are many different branches, we are all the same underneath and need to be treated as such. We would also like to eventually erect a physical memorial where we can go and honor those killed outside the line of duty."

Founder John Guarneri, a Washington DC-based federal officer and metal fan, told Noisecreep that "there are numerous organizations for police officers who have lost their lives on duty, and deservedly so. However, there is very little said or done for an officer's family who has committed suicide, died in a car accident , or any other off-duty incident. Like others in this field, I have had to deal with sisters and brothers in blue losing their lives while not in uniform.

"In many police agencies, if you are not killed in uniform your family is not entitled to the agency's benefits. It is my hope that Fallen Blue will be a guiding light for those families who may need counseling or other assistance to cope with their loss. A police officer is never off-duty, and Fallen Blue will ensure that police and their families will have a someone always watching their back."

Fallen Blue is a terrific organization that meets a serious need in our communities. Go here for more info.

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