Lead by powerhouse vocalist Kim "Elkie" Seviour, Touchstone specialize in the kind of progressive-leaning hard rock that delivers one huge hook after the other. Recently signing a worldwide deal with SPV Records, Touchstone will be releasing 'The City Sleeps,' the UK-based group's third studio album, later this month.

Noisecreep has partnered with Touchstone to bring you the North American debut of 'These Walls,' a track off of 'The City Sleeps.'

"You know when you meet someone and you can't wait for them to get what's coming to them because of how they treat people? Well, 'These Walls' is a hard, rocky, dirty-riffed tune saying what we wish we could tell them every day," Seviour tells Noisecreep about the song.

Listen to 'These Walls' From Touchstone

Touchstone's 'The City Sleeps' will hit North American record stores on Jan. 17 via SPV/Steamhammer.