Tori Amos has just released a classically-inspired album, 'Night of Hunters.' The flame-haired singer is known for her confessional, open, female-empowering lyrics. Despite her alignment with the softer sex, Amos has a fan in former wrestler Mick Foley, whom she describes as a "liberal, creative figure" and "quite a writer." Additionally, Amos also issued a challenge to the hardest metal bands out there, claiming she can take 'em out with her emotional heft. Suffocation, Goatwhore, Crowbar, are you listening? Tori Amos is putting up her dukes.

In a recent chat with our sister site Spinner, Amos said, "Sometimes you don't know how music affects people. I embrace that because I don't think that just because I talk about emotional stuff that it's not mother---er stuff. I'll stand next to the hardest f---ing heavy metal band on any stage in the world and take them down, alone, by myself. Gauntlet laid down, see who steps up. See who steps up!" Rawr!

She continued, "I'll take them down at 48. And they know I will. Because emotion has power that the metal guys know is just you can't touch it. Insanity can't touch the soul. It's going to win every f---ing time."

It's worth mentioning that Amos covered Slayer's 'Raining Blood,' too. Check it out below.

Listen to 'Raining Blood' From Tori Amos

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