Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello may sing protest songs and has battled the establishment on many an occasion, but he's not above taking part of epic pop culture driven entertainment for musical creation sake. The guitar great recently teamed with 'Game of Thrones' composer Ramin Djawadi for the soundtrack to the new film, 'Pacific Rim.'

"When they asked me to put some giant robot riffs and screaming underwater monster licks on the film score, I was all in," said Morello to Rolling Stone. The movie, directed by 'Hellboy' filmmaker Guillermo del Toro, stars 'Sons of Anarchy' vets Charlie Hunnam and Ron Perlman in a movie that pits robots versus aliens. The soundtrack hit stores today (June 25), and the movie comes out July 12.

Morello also recently made the news after he defended whistleblower Edward Snowden and described the fugitive as a "hero." "I think he should live a happy life in Ecuador," said Morello in an interview with TMZ. "That's what I think. I think he's a hero. He exposed the crimes of the government. We're all being spied on all the time by the Obama administration. If anybody deserves to be in jail, it's not Snowden."

The guitarist has had an eventful 2013, as he filled in for E Street Brand member Steven Van Zandt during Bruce Springsteen's Australian tour and also has worked with the Boss on his follow up to last year's release 'Wrecking Ball.'

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