As I Lay Dying vocalist Tim Lambesis is sparking a Modern Rebellion -- or at least that's the name of the apparel company he's just launched. This isn't just another rock dude attaching his name to trendy T-shirts, though. Rather, the mission of Modern Rebellion is to spread a positive message of charity and to foster the notion of putting others' needs before those of oneself.

Modern Rebellion will donate its proceeds to Trees of Glory, a non-profit dedicated to providing clean water for children in Duber, Ethiopia. Since Lambesis adopted a son from the region and has visited orphanages personally, the mission hits particularly close to home for him. He's also flipping the conventional wisdom regarding rebellion. Rather than viewing rebellion as fighting against oppressive rules and making a fuss, Lambesis sees true rebellion as rejecting popular mindsets in favor of living for something more and doing things for others.

Lambesis spoke to Noisecreep about the depth of his involvement in Modern Rebellion, saying, "My business partner is an excellent artist and tackled all of the design/art direction. I simply helped sort through the options we had and [gave] direction based on my personal preference. I would love to be more involved if I could, but I do what I'm good at instead, because I don't think anyone would want to wear apparel designed by me!"

The singer chose to focus on apparel, because it's always best to do what you know. "Being in a band -- or actually a few bands -- over the years has helped me realize how powerful yet simple a shirt can be," Lambesis said. "Once my band got to certain level, it became almost impossible to take a press photo without a least someone wanting to know what the shirt I'm wearing is all about.

"Besides wanting to wear something that I feel represents my style, that is the motivation for me. I've also thought about doing an entire album in support of a charity for my second band, Austrian Death Machine." If you're not well acquainted with Austrian Death Machine, all of the bands s songs revolving around Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Lambesis also revealed that he visits the orphanages annually and that "the experiences I have from visiting numerous orphanages in Ethiopia will always be with me. One main motivating factor is that I've been back to visit most of them a second time already and plan to continue to visit them yearly. I'm motivated to make sure I don't show up empty-handed."

Ultimately, the goal with Modern Rebellion is create the best of both worlds. "I want people to be able to wear a shirt they are visually interested in but also know that they are supporting something more important than mere vanity," Lambesis said.