To say we've been impatiently waiting for As I Lay Dying to release Awakened would be a gross understatement. We've loved their last two albums like crazy and when we heard they worked with Descendents/All/Black Flag drum god Bill Stevenson, we got even more excited. Why else do you think we included it on our "10 Metal Albums to Check Out This Fall" feature earlier this month?

"We wanted something that was a lot bigger and more open sounding, and that's exactly what we achieved," says guitarist Phil Sgrosso. "Bill Stevenson is a very intelligent guy, and he'll be honest with you - if he's not feeling it he'll tell you straight, 'I'm just bored here, something else needs to happen.' He'd look at a song and instinctively know what would improve it, and having that fresh perspective onboard helped so much."

As I Lay Dying will be in New York City tomorrow (Sept. 25) to celebrate the release of Awakened and the 30th anniversary of Metal Blade Records with a special performance at Santos's Party House! The release show will be streamed live worldwide so fans outside of the NYC area can watch the band perform! The stream will begin at 5pm PST / 8pm EST and can be accessed at the following location.

With Awakened hitting stores tomorrow, Sept. 25, Noisecreep has partnered with As I Lay Dying to bring you an exclusive stream of the album.

Listen to Awakened

Pre-order Awakened from and iTunes. The album will be on sale Sept. 25 at Amazon, Best Buy, FYE, Hastings, Hot Topic, iTunes, Target and all your favorite places to buy new music. Check for a free As I Lay Dying fabric patch with purchase at your local independent record store!

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