On Theory of a Deadman's last album, 2008's platinum-selling 'Scars and Souvenirs,' singer-guitarist Tyler Connolly co-wrote a song called 'Not Meant to Be' with former American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi. The striking ballad was also featured on 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - The Album,' and DioGuardi even co-stars in the video for the track. The collaboration was so successful that the duo decided to work together again on Theory's next album.

Connolly is hanging with Noisecreep at our West Coast headquarters and talking about his band's forthcoming album, 'The Truth Is...' "There's just something about us getting in a room together that makes us write badass songs. Whenever Kara asks me if I would like to hook up with her to write something, I always say yes. With her you know it's going to be something cool and a big opportunity. You know it's probably going to be for a big artist and not some DJ in Kazakhstan," laughs Connolly.

"Down the line, when we have some more downtime, it would be cool to be a songwriter for other artists," says Connolly.

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"Kara hasn't written with that many rock bands, but her style is similar to mine. I've done the songwriting junket thing in Nashville, New York, and Los Angeles, and people just don't get me. I'll sit down with someone and they'll say, 'OK, so what rhymes with glove.' It's a nightmare. With Kara I'll just show her an idea and then the next thing you know, bang-bang, we have a song. She's just as impressed as I am. She'll be like, 'Wow, that was easy!' That kind of chemistry is rare in my experience."

'Not Meant to Be,' the first song Connolly and DioGuardi co-wrote together became a hit on the Billboard Hot Adult Pop Songs chart. "I remember giving Kara the song title and she said, 'I like that! I don't I've heard of a song with that title.' So then I just wrote the chords right there on the spot. From there, she started humming the vocal melody and wrote the lyrics off of that. I took it home and finished the rest. The next day I show up with the finished song and she says,

'That's a hit.' Once I sent Roadrunner Records the demo, they loved it."