The Word Alive are one of the most electrifying acts around, delivering a unique brand of well-balanced metalcore with a flair for the theatrical through the tactful use of keyboards. With the release of their fourth album, Dark Matter, coming March 18 on Fearless Records, the quintet have offered up the first taste of new music from the record by way of the single, "Trapped."

Opening with a discordant lead melody, a drum fill queues the rest of the band in. Immediately arresting the listener with a full assault including the atmospheric keys, it serves as a quick overture of sorts. The sound is stripped back allowing the lumbering bass tone to carry the bulk of the weight throughout the first verse. Singer Telle Smith employs a dark, almost spoken-word effort before getting into more melodic and gritty clean singing.

As the song continues, it builds on the theme of the title, feeling more and more claustrophobic with each passing segment. The lockstep, slugging palm-muted rhythms of the second verse intensifies with Smith flipping the switch and utilizing his harsh screams. The opening melody is pervasive, creating a manic sense of psychosis at times when given a break from the heavier aspects of the band.

Commenting on "Trapped," Smith stated, “If you know what it's like to feel confined to your vices or someone who is, you'll feel the intensity of 'Trapped.' Whether your fix is drugs, alcohol, sex or phycological insecurities, we all have something that can hold us back. 'Trapped' is about that feeling, and trying to crawl out of the hole that can be our heads.”

The Word Alive will be out touring in support of Dark Matter this February. Opening the shows will be Fit For a King and Out Came the Wolves and a full list of dates can be found on our 2016 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

Fans can pre-order the album at the band's website or through Apple Music.

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