The Word Alive released their fourth studio album in the spring of 2016, but it looks like singer Tyler "Telle" Smith is planning to branch out a little bit before we see the next disc from the group. In an Instagram post, the vocalist revealed plans to work on his first solo EP.

The band has a couple of dates this week, but after that, their tour schedule is blank. In his posting Smith says, "I'm excited to get home and begin working on my 1st solo EP! I'm not set on any one genre at this point, but here are some acoustic jams. Which is your favorite? Maybe it will make the cut."

In the post, seen below, Smith offers up snippets of six acoustic tracks that appear to have been recorded over different points in time, especially given the different backdrops as well as hairstyles. Take a listen to the songs below.

Within the comments on the post, Smith appears to have a timeline for the EP, telling one follower that he's eyeing "hopefully before or around Christmas" for the collection of music.

As stated, The Word Alive have spent the last year-plus supporting their Dark Matter album. The disc has yielded the singles "Trapped," "Sellout" and "Made This Way." Just this spring, the band released another track called "Misery" that Smith called "an extension" of the album and would help "bridge the gap" between discs.

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