The Word Alive recently packed into a grungy warehouse in Los Angeles, invited several hundred of their fans to join them and then shot a video for the song 'Life Cycles' that truly shows off the power and energy of the track. Thanks to the band, Noisecreep is now able to take you behind the scenes at this no-holds-barred video shoot, which found the band and their fans really vibing off the energy.

In the featurette, frontman Tyler "Telle" Smith says, "We have a few hundred fans outside who are going to be taking part in this and we're going to have some fun. They don't know that they're about to get really, really wet." And did they ever get wet!

Director Frankie Nasso had a vision for the clip and that was to not only shoot the intensity of the mosh pit at a typical The Word Alive show, but to do with some cinematic value as the skies seemingly opened up for a rain storm. Of course, this was done through music video magic as everyone was inside a warehouse, but the effect was definitely impressive. In the end, the hard-hitting song and visual representation provides an uplifting lasting sensation.

Smith recently told Loudwire, "We wanted the passion we put into the song to translate into a video. We wanted it to be raw, energetic, and really transparent emotionally. We shot in a huge warehouse with a week's notice for our fans to come out, and they did. It was amazing to see hundreds of our fans lined up before we started shooting, it will definitely be an experience no one involved will ever forget."

Be sure to stick through the entire featurette as Smith delivers a very nimble stage move not to be missed. Check out Noisecreep's behind the scenes look at The Word Alive's 'Life Cycles' video below.

Watch The Word Alive's 'Life Cycles' Behind-the-Scenes Featurette

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