The Red Chord

Tour names are quite cosmetic. But for Massachusetts metal monoliths the Red Chord, who christened their upcoming tour -- which also features MyChildren MyBride, Chelsea Grin and Those Who Lie Beneath -- Burgers & Bowling, a name that's a reflection of something they've recently come to love and something they have always loved.

"During our recent, never-ending, three-month tour with Gwar, the Red Chord found some solace from constant overnight driving in our newest hobby: bowling," vocalist Guy Kozowyk told Noisecreep. "And for no reason outside of the bulk of us really loving meat, we devoured an excessive amount of burgers. To tell you the truth, I have no idea if the other bands are down with either of these passions, but the reality is 'Burgers & Bowling' was a better name than the other s---ty suggestions thrown in the hat by the other bands/managers. And yes, I get that the name isn't good by any stretch. The other names were just really bad."

Kozowyk also mused about why tours even need names. Nowadays, tour names are either too clever for their own good or just a marketing ploy by a sponsor. "Personally, I don't know why every tour needs some stupid name," he said. "What happened to just going to see a bunch of bands playing a show together? Whatever!

"Either way, I guess people like the 'big event' factor and now Bowling and Burgers graces the top of the admat, and the fine folks at the Artery Foundation drafted a kick-ass poster and admat to commemorate the occasion. We are debating having some public bowling and burger days where kids can come bowl or join us for lunch, if anyone is interested in actually doing that. We will be doing that anyway, so everyone should come hang."

He's not yanking your chain, either. Be sure to hit up the band on MySpace, Twitter and Facebook, if the tour is coming to your market, and let them know about "cheap bowling alleys" and "amazing burger places" that are nearby the venues in your town. "We can work out some hangout times on the mornings/early afternoons the day of the shows," the singer said.

So if you're down to hang with the Red Chord and their tourmates and you love nothing more than a strike or a spare and a juicy hunk of meat, get in touch! The tour kicks off Feb. 11 in Georgia and ceases on March 14 in the band's native Massachusetts.

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