Members of Ministry/Revolting Cocks/Killing Joke, Sonic Youth and Nachtmystium have formed the High Confessions, a brand new band signed to Relapse. Industrial plus indie rock royalty plus black metal? What say you?

Singer Chris Connelly (Ministry/Revolting Cocks/Killing Joke), drummer Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth), ex-Nachtmystium keyboardist Sanford Parker and recording engineer Jeremy Lemos, who has worked with indier-than-thou bands like Smog and Stereolab, have posted the first piece of music, the song 'Chlorine and Crystal.'

While on paper the pairing might seem like a head-scratcher, in practice the pieces just fit, especially given the collaborative nature of Connelly's career. One listen to the tinny tune proves that these musicians are pooling their talents without sounding like any of their previous projects. "Clearly it was my charm, wit and devilish good looks that drew the lads to me," Connelly told Noisecreep with a laugh. "Seriously though, I had worked with Sanford before and I knew Jeremy, who one day asked if I'd like to get together sometime to work with Steve. I said 'Anytime.'"

Connelly admitted that his "entire musical career is peppered with such collaborations. Some worked. Some didn't. But this one definitely worked for all of us."

'Turning Lead Into Gold With the High Confessions' will be released July 20 through Relapse.

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