On June 28th, The Faceless' new bassist Evan Brewer will release an all-instrumental, bass-only album via Sumerian Records.

Brewer, formerly of Reflux and Animosity, has only recently joined the death metal mongers The Faceless. The bassist, who has been playing his instrument for 15 years, will showcase his skills on his debut solo album, the appropriately titled 'Alone.'

In a statement, Brewer spoke of his formative, non-metal musical education. "Early on I just learned a ton of tunes and really developed a feel for the instrument's role in a band setting by studying those songs," Brewer says. "After that, I quickly gravitated towards funk, hip-hop, and R&B because the bass has such a prominent role in those genres. As time went on, I started seeking out bassists who took it further than just a support instrument and really hit on some serious inspiration. I discovered legends like Stanley Clarke, Jaco Pastorious, and Victor Wooten, just to name a few. I started studying with Regi Wooten at 16 and literally had my whole musical ideology turned upside down."

Brewer eventually gravitated towards heavy metal because he "really liked the technicality and intensity of the genre. I had been playing locally in metal bands around Nashville and became friends with Ash Avildsen and Tosin Abasi of Reflux through show trades leading me to join their band. After that ended, I joined Animosity and played with them for a few years until they called it quits. I never really intended to make a career playing metal, but I've been fortunate to play with some of the most talented musicians in that community."

He was sucked back into the genre with The Faceless, but still feels he has never had the chance to show people and fans what he can do with the bass. "I had a ton of material and just felt like I should make an album out of it. The album is experimental in the sense that it has no other instruments besides the bass guitar. Literally every sound you hear on the album is from a bass," Brewer said.

Watch Brewer's three-minute slap bass demonstration.

Watch his double bass demonstration.

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