Earlier this week, The Faceless experienced a mass exodus of members, leaving guitarist Michael Keene as the band’s lone musician. Keene posted a statement about “betrayal and disrespect” from his former bandmates, but guitarist Justin McKinney has since hit back, blaming Keene’s alleged heroin addiction and theft from bandmates for the breakup.

After McKinney, vocalist Ken Sorceron and drummer Bryce Butler all released statements on their departure March 19 (The Faceless did not have a bassist at the time). Keene vowed The Faceless will continue with new members and that no shows will be canceled, choosing not to offer any explanation on his bandmates’ departures.

However, late last night (March 21), Keene offered this Instagram post:

McKinney used his own Instagram account to respond, though the text has since been deleted:

Here you go again shifting blame away from yourself And towards the last 18 people who have quit the band. stealing money from the band stealing money from fans. Telling fans the reason why you can’t play your guitar is because of me being ‘nervous’ not because of your heroin addiction and the fact that you never practice.
Back tracking your solo in spiraling, getting the bands equipment sold from your storage unit from non payment and using the money EJ sent you to pay for the unit was used to by heroin. Getting so high that you can’t even make flights on time. Ya we sure betrayed you dude. Get your fucking life together and take responsibility for your shitty actions.

Earlier this year, Keene did speak about drug use influencing The Faceless’ 2017 full-length, In Becoming a Ghost. “I obviously was in a pretty dark place when I was writing lyrics. I am a recovering drug addict, and a lot of [the lyrics are] about drugs,” Keene told TheMetalTris. “I had a few rough years… [writing the lyrics] was a very cathartic process, I think. I needed to get it out.”

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