Well, it has a release date, but no title! The "it" in question is the brand new album from The Devil Wear Prada, one of the most beloved metalcore bands working today. The currently untitled album is due out on September 13th via Ferret Music. The new record will be the band's first full-length since the amazingly received 'With Roots Above and Branches Below.'

Want an early taste? 'Born to Lose,' the first song to be released from the album, which was produced by Killswitch Engage/Times of Grace guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz, premiered here.

Vocalist Mike Hranica released a statement about the new album. "The new record contains the heavy aspects of the 'Zombie' EP meshed with the melody of the full lengths," he says. "'Born to Lose' captures some of those elements and serves as a comprehensive preview to the album. By all means, I'd call it our most emotional, well-written album to date."

We listened to 'Born to Lose' a few times, and there is definitely an epic, orchestral quality to the layers in the song. Notably, Hranica has never sounded this mean, and the song nods to mid-'90s hardcore as much as it does to modern screamo, perfectly designed to stir up more than a few carnage-producing moshpits. We also love the abrupt, stop-on-a-dime ending.

Catch TWDP on the Warped Tour summer, laying waste to the Teggart Main Stage.

Watch the video for 'Outnumbered'


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