The Devil Wears Prada

This is a big week for the Devil Wears Prada. The band hits the road with Killswitch Engage on Feb. 4, and tomorrow the guys are shooting a new video for their song 'Assistant to the Regional Manager.' The difference between this video shoot and all the rest is that the band members are relinquishing control.

"Before, we had a pretty good idea of what is going down, and this time, it's a lot in [the director and producer's] hands," Devil Wears Prada vocalist Mike Hranica explains to Noisecreep. "It's interesting, and I trust them and they've been doing good stuff. I hope it turns out well. We just have this general idea we gave them. Basically, we told them we want something that no one would ever expect: kind of controversial almost, kind of shocking."

But shocking, how? Hranica says the most important thing is for the Devil Wears Prada to mix it up a little. Saying all the band's videos are "too similar," he and the rest of the band members are giving Endeavor Media free reign to visually express their new single. Just don't expect to see a bunch of gore or nudity. Think industrial and twisted, with silhouettes of band members.

"It's actually gonna be more imagery. Our other videos had mini-stories like the boy killing the bird and the bird coming back to life; short treatments like that. This one, we wanted to do strong imagery. Before, it looked like we were trying so hard to have an 'idea,' and now we're kind of getting away from that and you can just see awesome stuff and make up your own mind as to what it means to you, how it correlates to the lyrics," Hranica concludes.

'Assistant to the Regional Manager' is available on the 2009's 'With Roots Above and Branches Below.'

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