We still don't have an album title yet, but the Devil Wears Prada are one step closer to a new record by issuing a teaser trailer revealing Sept. 17 as the release date for their upcoming platter.

The newly posted clip shows bassist Andy Trick walking in slow motion into a building that appears to be the studio where they recorded their next disc. What follows is a series of quick flashing shots, usually of the band members in shadowy profile laying down parts for the record. The video is soundtracked by a repetitive, yet aggressive beat and concludes with the revelation of the Sept. 17 street date.

The group spent the early part of 2012 in the Portland area coming up with ideas for their new album. After hitting the road with As I Lay Dying for a late winter trek, the band set aside time in April to begin recording the disc with producer Matt Goldman and executive producer Adam Dutkiewicz. The band also signed a new record deal, inking with Roadrunner Records for their next release.

Speaking to Loudwire earlier this year, frontman Mike Hranica stated, "The concepts of 'Dead Throne' didn't carry over. I feel like that would be repetitive and monotonous to keep going at the same subject matter, but obviously it all comes from the same place and I can say that nothing got more happy or uplifting really. So I think it's very much the Devil Wears Prada but also it's got a bit of freshness and originality to it and I think that even musically we started approaching the songs differently."

With recording out of the way, the Devil Wears Prada have begun booking more shows in the lead-up to the album release. The group will spend most of their summer touring in Europe and Australia, but do have a pair of August appearances at the Alliance and Intensity music festivals in Pennsylvania and Virginia on the schedule. To see their full itinerary, click here.

Watch the Devil Wears Prada's Album Teaser Video

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