The Damned Things -- featuring members of Anthrax, Every Time I Die and Fall Out Boy -- are gearing up to release their debut, 'Ironiclast,' and vocalist Keith Buckley told Noisecreep that the album will remind music fans of "the days before grunge ruined the fun of music.

"Everyone is so emotional and it's good -- even hardcore is emotional -- where you are talking about feelings. Kurt Cobain made it trendy to be miserable and aloof, but it is the biggest celebrities that you know the least about. It is the people who keep to themselves that are the most intriguing."

Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian is also a member of the Damned Things, and Buckley said that prior to forming a band together, he had no idea how much Ian knows about food. "He is such a foodie," Buckley said. "Whenever we play a city, he always knows the perfect restaurant and knows chefs, and it is an event when he wants to go out to eat."

The Damned Things' major label debut, 'Ironiclast,' is out Dec. 14.