The Damned Things -- an all-star metal band with members from Anthrax, Every Time I Die and Fall Out Boy -- released their debut album, 'Ironiclast,' in a traditionally slow month for the metal industry. Los Angeles-based artist Mike Mitchell weighed in on the album art he did for the record. "[Guitarist] Joe [Trohman] was my go-to guy for this, and my link to the rest of the band," Mitchell told Noisecreep. "It's probably not a surprise to hear that he's a very creative dude and has a lot of ridiculously awesome ideas. Him and I tend to see things on a very similar level, so it made this job a lot more fun and easy to do."

Mitchell might be best known for his 'I'm With CoCo' piece, which was used to support Conan O'Brien in his scuffle with NBC earlier this year. For the Damned Things, he used the signature ponderous-eyed face seen in many of his works. "When Joe Trohman asked me to if I wanted to do the 'We've Got a Situation Here' single album art, he had a pretty good idea of the style he wanted, and he just let me run with it. We talked about creating a specific style/theme that they had the option of using for any other album."

"For 'Ironiclast,' they decided to stick to the aesthetic created in the single album art but wanted to take it in a very iconic direction," Mitchell said. "I mentioned how fun it would be to do what we did in the single, and apply it to George Washington. Eventually we landed on the dollar bill idea ... I'm really excited for this album to come out. Aside from having done the cover, I really dig the music, it's just so ... catchy and badass."

The Damned Things will embark on January's Jägermeister Music Tour with Buckcherry and All That Remains.

Watch the Damned Things' 'We've Got a Situation Here' Video

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