"Fans can expect Testament in our finest form to date," Testament guitarist Eric Peterson told Noisecreep, offering a tease of what's to come. "We have a strong yet changing set list, so a lot of the shows won't be repeated. We're always trying new and old songs out to keep things fresh. We have a lot of songs we've never even ever played, so were hoping to bring to life some of those odd tracks out this time around."

The band kicks off its US tour with Unearth and Lazarus AD in Seattle early next month. It's their second domestic tour in support of last year's genius thrash opus, 'The Formation of Damnation.' The Bay Area's best enjoyed a productive trek overseas, playing Wembley Arena in London! Peterson recalled, "It was packed and we had a great reception. I think we were the only band to get an almost whole bottom floor wall of Death. That's a huge pit!"

The band's Milan, Italy show saw the crowd singing louder than the PA. "Wow, what a crowd," Peterson said. "It was breathtaking. That really set us on fire. We love Italy, and Spain as well. It has that fiery passionate mob!"

Testament played their first two albums, 'The Legacy' and 'New Order,' in England, to even further fan delight. Peterson said, "It really proves that our old stuff is classic and has stood the 'Testament' of time! The crowd went nuts, to put it lightly. And so did we!"

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